Our Life Skills Curriculum

We currently run a series of life skills training seminars for twenty to thirty adolescent girls each year in village areas around Siem Reap. Taught by two teaching staff, the monthly classes cover vital topics such as disease prevention, safety and hygiene, reproductive health, home economics, HIV/AIDS, and the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and human trafficking. 

Despite the ongoing international effort, Cambodia is still a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking, especially for child prostitution. A study from UNICEF found that 35 percent of Cambodia’s 15,000 prostitutes are children under the age of 16. The Tier 2 Watch List places the country in the Trafficking in Persons Report.

We hope that with the knowledge provided in the life skills classes, the students can make better choices and prevent themselves from these health issues and other threats. 

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A donation of only $30 helps operate these life skills classes for a month, or $360 per year.
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