Family Livelihood Made Better by Students’ Support

Year after year, the students of global business from a U.S. university have visited the  Teachers for Tomorrow project and helped improve the lives of families outside the Siem Reap city area by helping build gardens and provide livelihood support to the villagers as part of their university project.

Social Responsibility – An Important Role: A key element of these exercises is learning social responsibility in terms of what the families receive, the impact the groups will have on the villages, and cultural sensitivity when coming in contact with villagers.  To ensure that the impact of these groups is nothing but positive on all parties concerned, the students were given pre-departure briefings, codes of conduct, and supervision while the students are in the villages.

Students have learned about rural village life in Cambodia, and the challenges that families face, which are related to the global development issues that affect not only Cambodia but also other developing countries. 

Due to the long-term relationship the students and faculties have with the foundation, the following groups can later visit the projects and see the impact of previous class members. The first-hand experience they had on the topic made a lasting impact and help to connect the classroom knowledge to the real-world context.

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