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Teachers for Tomorrow is a U.S.-based registered nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) that aims to help alleviate poverty and increase the quality of life for rural communities in Cambodia through education and village support programs.

For almost a decade, we have supported youth and their families in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia, to overcome barriers and live a better life for themselves, their families, and the communities they live in.

Poverty in Cambodia

According to UNESCO, only around half of the Cambodian people have a chance to enter high school, and even fewer have the chance to finish their secondary education.

Around 4.5 million people remain near-poor, vulnerable to falling back into poverty while 13.5 percent still lives under the poverty line.  Education and basic knowledge of health and vocational skills remain one of the main factors that hinder Cambodia’s chance to alleviate poverty.

Unless these problems are addressed, Cambodia’s economic growth in key industries will remain below that of the rest of Asia and the world, job opportunities will remain scarce, and young people will continue to lack the necessary skills to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Projects

To improve the quality of life for the Cambodian people in a sustainable way, Teachers for Tomorrow developed these on-going projects from studies of identified key factors that stop young people from continuing their education or attaining a better quality of life.
Over the years, we adapted the activities and details of our projects to suit the findings and feedback we received from the communities.

Updates & Stories

Find the updates, as well as inspiring stories from our communities. See what we developed recently and read insights and views from our project leaders, field staff, and volunteers.

Family Livelihood Made Better by Students’ Support

Class of 2019 Graduation Day

Class of 2019 Graduation Day

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! On September 8, 2019, we celebrated the completion of the life skills training course

New Milestone in Village to Table Program

New Milestone in Village to Table Program

Thanks to all of you who have supported the new Teachers for Tomorrow organic garden micro-business project in Siem Reap,

Our Past Project: Scholar Sponsorship

Our Past Project: Scholar Sponsorship

In the recent years, Teachers for Tomorrow responded to educational development challenges by supporting scholarships for teenagers in crucial areas.

Help us improve the quality of life for the people in rural Cambodia.
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Our Volunteers

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You Can Help

You can help change lives in the rural villages by supporting families to build an organic vegetable garden, sponsoring a life skills training course, providing English classes, or simply making a donation to our general contribution fund.

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