Currently we accept credit card payment as our main channel for donation.
If you would like to pay using other payment methods such as Paypal or bank transfer,
please email

For U.S. taxpayers, your contributions to Teachers for Tomorrow are tax-deductible.
You can find a copy of IRS document here in this link.

Thank you for all you do to help improve educational opportunities in resource-poor areas of the world.

Support Our Community Development Initiatives

Helping to overcome the barriers to education and support future generations of educators.

Project Village to Table 02s

Providing families with the means to have additional income and an additional nutrition source.

Providing young people with the basic knowledge that enables them to have a better quality of life. 

Supporting various types of village livelihood programs to create sustainable living in the long-term.

Make a General Donation

Make a General Donation

For this type of contribution, you allow our management team to allocate funds to the projects or families depending on their urgent needs for support.

You can click the donation payment button below and indicate the amount that you want to donate yourself.
All donations are highly appreciated and will go 100% directly to help the communities.

Note: Effective October 18, 2021, there is a minimum donation of USD $30 in order to prevent fraudulent credit card "micro-donations".