Teachers for Tomorrow

Teachers for Tomorrow is a U.S.-based non-profit charitable organization (NGO) that supports adolescents, teenagers and their families in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia through high school scholarships and village support programs that are outlined below.

Miss Sokha

Miss Sokha

Mr. Sokhom

Mr. Sokhom

Miss Kunthea

Miss Kunthea

Sponsor a Brick: Help Build a Solar-Powered Community Education Center

Currently, our classes are taught in a small open structure that is little more than a concrete slab with a roof overhead. As the area lacks electricity, the students and teacher rely on a 12-volt car battery and fluorescent bulb as their only sources of lighting in the classroom. Also, as the structure has open walls that do not protect against the elements, monsoon rains and hoards of insects often interrupt the class sessions. The classroom also lacks a proper whiteboard, AV equipment, ventilation and enough tables and chairs. In short, the current facility is woefully inadequate for effectively delivering classroom content.


In an effort to respond to these challenges, Teachers for Tomorrow plans to establish the area’s first Solar-Powered Community Education Center that will provide the kids with a study center furnished with solar-powered lighting, proper ventilation, better furniture, and an AV system. We will also offer an expanded educational curricula and scholarship program for the village community.

Sponsor a Brick! Your donation of $25 will help build this new education center and provide the 100 kids in the village with the opportunity to improve their lives and help their families and community. Plus, you will have your name hand-painted by one of the village kids on a brick or paver for in the newly renovated facility (*). You will also receive a e-photo of your sponsor brick and a thank-you note from the kids.

To learn more about the solar-powered school project, please follow this link.  To make a donation, please go here.

(*) The target date for the facility's completion is April 15, 2015. Photos of the personalized bricks will be sent by May 1, barring any complications or delays.

Sponsor a Scholar Program

Without an eduction, breaking the cycle of poverty in Cambodia is virtually impossible. Many young people are swept into a life of forced labor and sex trafficking. Others rely on subsistence farming and many have no land. Large areas of the rural countryside still hide millions of unexploded land mines, deadly reminders of the country's war-torn history.

Screen_Shot_2013-03-29_at_9.58.33_AM.jpgMore than 92 percent of Cambodia's youth never receive a high school education. That must change. With your help it will. Cambodia's problems can be solved.

Teachers for Tomorrow has responded to this challenge by supporting scholarships for teenagers and villages in crucial areas of need. It began supporting its first class of scholars in 2012 and is working to fund more scholarships for at-risk Cambodian teenagers  every year. These students are eager to learn and it only takes $500 a year to provide them with the class fees, books, uniforms, bicycle and daily lunch required to attend high school.

Meet our scholars, hear their stories * and learn about the hopes they have for their own lives and the future of Cambodia. We have also provided you with a page that makes sponsorship quick and convenient. Act now. The scholars need your help.

Sponsor a Village Program

Much more needs to be done to help Cambodia overcome its position as one of the poorest countries in the world and begin to take its place alongside other Asian nations that are so quickly advancing. That's why Teachers for Tomorrow is also providing services to poverty-stricken rural villages.Screen_Shot_2013-03-29_at_9.50.41_AM.jpg

Your village sponsorship brings English classes, water wells, hygiene kits, bicycles, vertical vegetable gardens and more to areas that desperately need immediate help. You can begin to improve the future of a village in just moments by starting your sponsorship here.

If you are searching for the best ways to help Cambodia, village sponsorship through Teachers for Tomorrow will have a lasting impact.



* In order to respect and protect the privacy of our scholars, the names used on this website are fictitious and details of their locations are intentionally misstated.  All scholars have consented to the use of their photos, videos and related information on this website.