Learning Facilities

Help Us Build More Solar-Powered Centers

When our new solar learning center is completed, classes will no longer be taught in a small open structure that is little more than a concrete slab with a roof overhead. Because the area lacks electricity, the students and teachers have relied on a 12-volt car battery and fluorescent bulb as their only source of lighting in the classroom. Also, since the structure has open walls that do not protect against the elements, monsoon rains and hoards of insects often interrupt the class sessions. The classroom also lacks a proper whiteboard, AV equipment, ventilation, and enough tables and chairs. In short, the current facility is woefully inadequate for effectively delivering classroom content.

In an effort to respond to these challenges, Teachers for Tomorrow is building a Community Education Center (CEC) to provide the 100 kids in the village with the opportunity to improve their lives and help their families and community. A teacher designed the CEC with full input and support from the local community. In addition to providing the community with a comfortable, efficient and functional educational facility, the CEC will also demonstrate and promote sustainability to the surrounding community.

Education Learning Facilities Plan 01